User manual

Care and maintenance

Do not use the product near water. Water can damage the product. The attachments must not be cleaned with water, but with a cleaning brush, which is included in the scope of delivery.

For optimal use, it is recommended not to use the machine during charging.

Place your thumb on the back of the device to remove the attachments. Gently push the part upwards. The attachment is then detached from the rest of the device. 

Cleaning the micro hair attachment

To maintain optimal performance of the micro hair attachment, it must be cleaned from time to time. The attachment can be easily removed from the machine and then cleaned by gently tapping the bottom of the attachment on a hard surface. The included cleaning brush can be used to sweep out any hair that is left behind. 

When the attachment is cleaned or removed, the Athena Soft Shaver itself should also be cleaned or cleaned by blowing it out. 

Cleaning the trimmer attachment

The trimmer attachment is cleaned in the same way as the micro hair attachment. In addition, the front can be additionally cleaned with a little mineral oil or baby oil. One or two drops are sufficient. 

Both attachments can be used for the following body regions:

  • Chin
  • Forearms
  • Knee
  • Knee
  • Ankles
  • Arms
  • Toes
  • Bikini area
  • Lower thigh
  • Thighs


Keep out of reach of children
• Use with care around the eyes
• The Athena Soft Shaver is equipped with a lithium-ion battery. DO NOT THROW INTO FIRE.

Using the Athena Soft Shaver

1. Fully charge the product before first use (it takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge the device). After charging, the product can be used for 60 minutes.
2. Make sure your skin is clean and dry.
3. Remove the protective cover from the unit.
4. Turn on the machine using the "ON" button. The LED indicator and purple light will come on.
5. Place the device with the shaving attachment at a 45˚ angle on the skin and start shaving (the device starts shaving automatically as soon as it touches the skin).
6. Remove hair by moving the device in the direction opposite to hair growth.
7. Replace the attachment by pressing both thumbs against the front of the attachment. If you press hard enough, the attachment releases with a click. Then snap the micro-hair attachment onto the device. Make sure that the metal pin (on the inside of the attachment) is on the right side when attaching the micro hair attachment. It must be on the same side as the metal pin of the soft shaver.
8. After replacing the attachment, you can begin removing the remaining stubble. Now use the attachment on your skin at a 90˚ angle. Make sure the hair is as short as possible before replacing the micro-hair trimmer.
9. The unit automatically turns off after about 6 seconds when not in use. Turn the knob to the "OFF" position when you are done for saving the battery.